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  • A variety of educational Kinesiology Taping- and Fascia Therapy Course material available.

  • All of our instructors have many years experience in the field with invaluable knowledge.

  • Ideal for advanced professionals as well as beginners.

An open platform for Online Kinesiology Taping and Fascia Therapy Courses

The platform gives our international instructors, dealers, and partners a space to present and offer their educational courses online.

The modules within this e-learning platform are all related to the medical segment, in which the THYSOL Group is active in. The providers of the courses will all have the freedom to structure, define and develop their own content.

Kinesiology Taping Courses

For more than 15 years THYSOL Group has been running kinesiology taping courses all over the world under our MTC®️ trademark

Meet our Instructors

Doctoral student, Physiotherapist with over 9 years of experience, Specialist in neurorecovery. Accredited specialist and instructor Medical Taping Concept and Trigger Points Therapy.

Vladimir Botezatu

Doctoral student and physiotherapist with over 9 years of experience; specialist in neuro recovery; founder of the KinetoTerra Clinic (Chisinau); participant in dozens of international congresses and specialization courses, over 40 television shows in the field of medical recovery; accredited specialist and instructor Medical Taping Concept and Trigger Points Therapy.

Veterinarian, Animal physiotherapist, Equine kinesiology taping instructor

Solange Mikail

Dr. Solange Mikail is a Diplomate of the American College of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (Equine) and is a pioneer in the field of equine rehabilitation and thermography. During the last Olympics Games, she was the Equine Physiotherapist Team Leader.

Musculoskeletal and Animal Physiotherapist

Dr Lesley Goff

Dr. Lesley Goff is a Musculoskeletal and Animal Physiotherapist, practicing in Queensland, Australia, and has completed her Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Exercise and Sports Science and Animal Physiotherapy as well as her PhD on the Kinematics and Morphology of the Equine Sacroiliac Joint.

Lesley has published her research in scientific journals, contributed to an Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery textbook, and is co-editor of the Animal Physiotherapy – Assessment Treatment and Rehabilitation of Animals, 2nd edition, 2016.

Her lectures to animal rehabilitation practitioners within Australia and internationally, and mentors and tutors Australian physiotherapists in musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

In addition, she teaches equine physiotherapy on the Veterinary Physiotherapy program through the University of Liverpool, UK, and is on the board of directors of the International Association of Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy (IAVRPT).

In her spare time, Lesley enjoys triathlon, cycling, and dry-land sled dog racing with her family.

Canine & Equine Kinesiology Taping Courses

These courses have been developed in collaboration with canine and equine practitioners with veterinary physiotherapy experience.

Brands used in online courses

CureTape kinesiology tape
VetkinTape canine & equine kinesiology tape
FASCIQ fascia massage tools
CrossLinq cross tape

Fascia Therapy Courses

There are various courses available within the Fascia Therapy Courses category; Cupping-, Flossing-, Trigger Point- and IASTM Courses.