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The NEW specialisation - Esthetic Taping for Face & Body

Have you ever thought that in addition to a healthy body, you could also provide your patients with BEAUTY using kinesiological tapes?

This course is a fantastic resource for therapists who want to offer their clients youthfulness and beauty in a non-invasive and physiologically proven way.

Doctoral student, Physiotherapist with over 9 years of experience, Specialist in neurorecovery. Accredited specialist and instructor Medical Taping Concept and Trigger Points Therapy.

Vladimir Botezatu

Doctoral student and physiotherapist with over 9 years of experience; specialist in neuro recovery; founder of the KinetoTerra Clinic (Chisinau); participant in dozens of international congresses and specialization courses, over 40 television shows in the field of medical recovery; accredited specialist and instructor Medical Taping Concept and Trigger Points Therapy.

Course curriculum

Theory and practical abilities you will assimilate during the course

  • 1

    Theory Part

    • Video 1. Types of tapes. The functions of tapes. Tape shapes. Medical Taping techniques. Contraindications. 12:57

    • Video 2. Explanation of the aging process of the face. The structure of the skin. The anatomy of the face. 04:27

  • 2

    Facial Taping applications

    • Video 1. “The sun”. 08:41

    • Video 2. The nasolabial fold. 07:56

    • Video 3. The “sadness wrinkles” (puppet wrinkles). 04:27

    • Video 4. Double chin. 05:59

    • Video 5. Improving the innervation of the face. 07:00

    • Video 6. Taping application: Periorbital edema. 09:23

    • 7. The horizontal (longitudinal) lines (wrinkles) of the face. 08:54

  • 3

    Body Taping applications

    • Video 1. The aesthetic correction of the neck. “The bison’s crook”. 07:07

    • Video 2. Ptosis in the soft tissue - the arms. 03:17

    • Video 3. Ptosis in the soft tissue - the back. 06:30

    • Video 4. Breast Lifting. 02:36

    • Video 5. Abdominis retraction. Tape application: postnatal belly. 05:23

    • Vide 6. Diastasis recti. 08:33

    • Video 7. Correction of the soft tissue. Pelvis and lower abdomen. 04:33

    • Video 8. Gluteus muscle lifting. 05:44

    • Video 9. Ptosis in the soft tissue. Lower limbs. 05:21

    • Video 10. Cellulite. 11:09

    • Video 11. The correction of soft tissue, adipose tissue. The Knees. 05:10

    • Video 12. Calves edema. Lymphatic technique. 06:23

    • Video 13. Calves Edema. Taping application for compression effect. 10:13

  • 4

    Syllabus - Beauty Taping

    • Beauty Taping Syllabus_pdf (50 pages)

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in Esthetical Taping for Face & Body ?

About the Course

Beauty Taping course is a premiere for medical taping methods. It is dedicated to professionals who aim to specialize in esthetical procedures. The course includes videos for theory/practical applications for face & body and a syllabus in PDF format.

  • For medical recovery therapists in different fields, also cosmetics proffessionals

  • After completing all the video lessons an online diploma will be sent to your email address

  • If you have questions regarding the taping applications you will receive an answer from the trainer.

  • For more information and training regarding Medical Taping and kinesiological tapes - look for your country on www.curetape.com

  • The course will permanently remain in your account library after purchasing and it can be watched at any time (from any device).

Kinesiology taping has proven its efficiency for more than 45 years all over the world as an excellent complementary treatment method technique.

Due to the effects of kinesiology tape and various applications, therapists manage to improve their patients health in a very short time. 

And here is another new field of demonstrating the efficiency of kinesiology tapes - Esthetics!

Esthetical kinesiology taping is an "express" solution for considerably improving the statement of face and body. The tapes are applied easy and quickly and with each application represent a method of correction in time.

During this course you will learn the secrets for correctly applying the Beauty Taping method from Physio Sport Therapy Academy's trainer, Vladimir Botezatu.
With an experience of over 10 years in Medical Taping and teacher for over 7 years for Medical Taping Basic, Advanced (Sports, Neurological, Beauty Taping), FASCIQ, Trigger Points and others - Vladimir will share and explain logically and methodically, step by step all the taping applications from this course curriculum.

"You will fall in love with this method", as trainer Vladimir Botezatu says.
And indeed, we received lots of "love declarations" from therapists who successfully apply this method.


What do therapists say about this course?

A well-structured course

Neagu Gabriela

"A well-structured course, it was easy for me to learn as the information was detailed. I was happy that I studied online."

Fantastic Course

Roxana Baba

"Beauty Taping is a fantastic course, much like all your other courses; I would like to thank you for all your hard work. You are professionals and I am always looking forward to your next updates. Thank you once again and I congratulate you for everything that you do!"

Good Explainations

Popa Mirela Ruxandra

"First of all, thank you for the opportunity to learn Beauty Taping! The course is well thought and well explained. The audio quality is also good. Thank you, Physio Sports Therapy Academy!"

Complex Course

Ardelean Judith

"The presentation was as complex as possible!"

Very useful course

Mangu Liliana

"The Beauty Taping course is very useful and interesting."

Good Course

Ebrasu Daniela

"A model that needs corrective taping would have been useful. It would have helped with praxis. The course is good. Thank you, Vladimir."

A lot of useful information

Georgeta Ignat

"A very useful course, easy to understand thanks to the trainer who is like an encyclopedia; he provided a lot of useful information both for the therapists and patients alike. I do not regret buying this course, I am thankful and professionally richer."

Help you look good in a natural way

Ana Dragan

"For me, „Beauty” means HEALTH, before anything else! As an esthetician I like seeing natural beauty, we are born with beautiful features, it is important to preserve if possible what mother nature gave us. An adequate care, a regular routine, a well-defined lifestyle should be a part of our everyday life. When I am emotionally unwell, when I am tired, it is very important to be content with my looks because otherwise, my life would be sadder. It is very easy to choose surgical procedures or apply make-up to hide some flaws, but when you remove your make-up do you like what you see? An increase in facial problems is the body’s warning signal and should not be ignored. Therefore, as a professional I promote „health”, it is easier to prevent rather than to heal; your beauty routine, lymphatic drainage, facial massage, are just a few methods that can help you look good in a natural way. Natural = health = beauty"
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