Massage Gun Course

FASCIQ® Mini Massage Gun

  • The THYSOL Academy’s massage gun course will teach you how to use the FASCIQ® Mini Massage Gun to treat and correct the body's dysfunctions.

    Percussive therapy can help you live a better life. We will show you how to use the massage gun safely and successfully for everyday use during the session. We'll also go over the anatomy of the fascia and why it's crucial for your health. We've also included the protocols for utilizing your FASCIQ® Mini Massage Gun on various regions of the body, including treatment timing, pressure levels, and the massage head recommended.

    The instructor of the course offers advice based on his three years of daily practice with percussive therapy devices to help you improve the value and enjoyment of your online course!

    Learn how to properly use the massage gun today!

Musculoskeletal physiotherapist, rehabilitologist. Certified instructor for MTC and FASCIQ concepts (2017-2021), Theragun Global Academy master trainer (2018-2020)

Denys Chaplin

Since 2017, Denys has been giving various seminars under the auspices of the MedicalTaping Concept.

Practical activities include working as a clinician and as a physical therapist for professional teams (the Russian National Ski racing team, consulting soccer and hockey teams in Russian Fed.)

Massage Gun
Course Curriculum

Theory and practical abilities you will assimilate during the course

  • 1

    Percussion Therapy Gun Course

    • Video 1. Introduction. 2:51

    • Video 2. Product presentation. 2:41

    • Video 3. Where to apply. 4:36

    • Video 4. Kit inside. 2:07

    • Video 5. How percussion works. 2:55

    • Video 6. Main mistakes. 2:57

    • Video 7. Contraindications. 2:25

    • Video 8. Plug & play. 1:09

    • Video 9. To the practice. 1:24

    • Video 10. Foot and plantar fascia. 1:57

    • Video 11. Posterior lower leg. 2:44

    • Video 12. Anterior lower leg. 1:46

    • Video 13. Calf muscles. 0:40

    • Video 14. Knee joint. 2:07

    • Video 15. Posterior hip muscles. 2:18

    • Video 16. Anterior hip muscles. 2:16

    • Video 17. Lateral surface iliotibial band. 2:24

    • Video 18. Glutes. 1:51

    • Video 19. Lower back. 3:04

    • Video 20. Spine. 5:03

    • Video 21. Neck. 1:45

    • Video 22. Shoulder. 3:12

    • Video 23. Rotator cuff. 1:35

    • Video 24. Forearm. 3:34

    • Video 25. Facial dual use. 2:09

    • Video 26. Facial dual use 2. 0:47

    • Video 27. Final word. 0:28

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What will you learn during the course?

You will learn the basics of how to work with a percussion massage device (The FASCIQ® Mini Massage Gun). Get acquainted with the indications and contraindications of using percussive therapy and guided through protocols for using percussion theraphy in a full-body treatment.


  • Who do we recommend the training to?

  • Massage Therapists

  • Fitness Trainers

  • Physical Therapists

  • Body Treatment establishments/ Spas

  • Private users of Massage Therapy Guns