Online Sports Taping Course

The taping applications shown in the video lessons are carefully selected by one of the most appreciated trainers of Physio Sports Therapy Academy - Vladimir Botezatu. His experience of over 10 years in teaching Medical Taping and working with sports professionals is reflected in great results in international competitions and daily performances of sportsmen. The information is very clearly presented in video lessons (in English language and also subtitled in English) with practical applications. A vast syllabus about the theory of Sports Injuries and a summary of all applications presented will help students to have a guide for Medical Taping in Sports Injuries.

Doctoral student, Physiotherapist with over 9 years of experience, Specialist in neurorecovery. Accredited specialist and instructor Medical Taping Concept and Trigger Points Therapy.

Vladimir Botezatu

Doctoral student and physiotherapist with over 9 years of experience; specialist in neuro recovery; founder of the KinetoTerra Clinic (Chisinau); participant in dozens of international congresses and specialization courses, over 40 television shows in the field of medical recovery; accredited specialist and instructor Medical Taping Concept and Trigger Points Therapy.

Course Curriculum

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    Video Lessons: Sports Injuries - Medical Taping Applications

    • Video 1. Anterior cruciate ligament rupture. 7:14

    • Video 2. Shoulder dislocation, anterior and multiaxial instability. 18:03

    • Video 3. Dislocation of the radiocarpal joint. 13:26

    • Video 4. Knee sprain. 5:57

    • Video 5. Lateral epicondylitis (tennis player's elbow). 11:52

    • Video 6. Meniscus injury. 10:17

    • Video 7. Quadriceps contusion. 12:32

    • Video 8. Whiplash syndrome. 18:22

    • Video 9. Jumper's knee tendinitis. 09:00

    • Video 10. Plantar fasciitis. 10:58

    • Video 11. Contusion or fracture of the ribs. 09:22

    • Video 12. Ankle sprain. 18:28

    • Syllabus (PDF) - Sport Injuries - Top Medical Applications (Theory & Practice) 51 pages

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More information on the course

  • For medical recovery therapists in different fields and sports professionals

  • This is a course for advanced professionals in taping. A Medical Taping basic course is advised before - for understanding the techniques of taping

  • After completing all the video lessons an online diploma will be sent to your email address.

  • If you have questions regarding the taping applications you will receive an answer from the trainer.

  • For more information and training regarding Medical Taping and kinesiological tapes - look for your country on

  • The course will permanently remain in your account library after purchasing and it can be watched at any time (from any device).